What to Look For in Interior Roller Shades

Beautiful as well as practical, interior roller shades can be the perfect way to style your home or office while also offering a useful means of light and heat control. With a wide range of styles to choose from, it’s easy to find a style that compliments your interior space, whatever that may be.

Solar Shades

There are a few broad types of window treatments to choose from. Solar sun shades are specifically defined to control natural light and prevent overheating. Made of woven mesh fabric, these shades control sunlight and glare while still allowing an exterior view.

Blackout Shades

By contrast, blackout shades and decorative shades are a bit more private. You can find a wide range of shades from translucent to complete blackout. For interior spaces that require elimination of life – as in home theaters or conference rooms, for instance – this type of roller shade is an ideal choice. Blackout shades are also light enough to also be used in combination with solar shades or transcultural screens, giving you the best of both worlds.

Printed Window Shades

Printed window shades are primarily for commercial use and are created by an in-house digital printing program. For businesses and restaurants, this can be an innovative way to spice up your retail space and can also serve as a valuable advertisement space.

Manual vs. Motorized Shades

Roller shades are also customizable in that you can choose either manual shades or motorized shades. Choosing the right shades for you depends on your interior space, and children or pets can also be another factor. Let’s have a look at these two options.

Manual interior shades use a classic clutch and chain system that allows you to easily and efficiently raise and lower your shades. For those with young children or pets, this might be your ideal choice. This type of shade is approved by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

On the other hand, motorized shades offer a new level of convenience. These shades can be programmed automatically, meaning you can have your shades open as the sun comes up and lower as the sun comes out. If your home features hard to reach windows or you’re frequently away from home, this system is an excellent choice.

Exterior Roller Shades

Exterior window shades are also beginning to gain popularity, and are also becoming more stylish by consequence. These outdoor roller shades are not only durable, they’re also easy to clean. An exterior shade can be installed on the exterior of your house to cover a window or it can be used to create a practical spring for your garage or outdoor patio. This type of shade can even offer some protection against the elements as well as preventing overheating.

Interior roller shades are an inventive and stylish way to beautify your home as well as control light and heat. They are also well suited for commercial settings, allowing you to customize your space and even a means of advertising, if you choose. Roller shades are even expanding to outdoor use, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors wherever you happen to be.

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